No Place Like Home? …

There’s no place like home, or so the saying goes. But as the prancing horses get set to roll out onto the legendary Monza track, there is little optimism from the Tifosi, with the expectation that that home sweet home will leave nothing but a sour taste in the mouth. Last weekend Ferrari managed a […]

Is Pierre Ready Again?

We all know the well documented turbulent tale of Pierre Gasly’s season with Red Bull Racing in 2019. Once again, the support driver to Max Verstappen- this time Alexander Albon, is struggling to show that they can match the pace of the lead driver of that team. And whilst Albon is no doubt a rapid […]

Silverstone: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

The British Grand Prix is always somewhat of a spectacle. With a rich and proud tradition of motorsport and Formula One in this country, many commentators, teams and drivers point to the fast sweeping Silverstone course as one of their favourite to test their metal against on the F1 Calendar. But, the first of two […]

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

The Hungarian Grand Prix delivered an interesting spectacle on Sunday. There was a promise of rain that never arrived, which would certainly have added to the story of the race and it settled slowly into somewhat of a predictable Lewis Hamilton Win. That being said there was plenty to enjoy this weekend, in today’s episode […]

Danke Austria: The F1 Hangover

The two-week residency of Formula One in Austria has come to a close and it is more than fair to say that the opening rounds of the F1 season provided levels of entertainment that fans could only have dreamed of after so many months without a race.  Whilst race day at the Styrian Grand Prix […]

Can Williams Compete in 2020?

It has been an even stranger off-season for Williams than most other teams on the grid. Having made the point to get their car out on track first at winter testing following 2019’s embarrassing attempt, the team seemed to be edging into the season with a sense of optimism. Whilst no-one truly believed that the […]

Brawn’s Budget Cap: Sustainability is Key

Sustainability is a term you see applied almost everywhere, and to almost anything these days. And rightly so. The definition according to Simple Wikipedia: ‘a process or state can be maintained at a certain level for as long as is wanted.’ And in the case of Formula One, competitive and quality racing is wanted- often […]

Off-Season Brand Builder: Charles Leclerc

The off season in Formula 1 is giving sim racing its time in the sun. Whilst the Virtual Grand Prixs do not bring the same level of excitement that an ordinary F1 race weekend would, there is no doubt the popularity of virtual and sim racing is having it’s stock raised in the present climate. […]

Italian Media: Sebastian Vettel Rejects First Ferrari Offer

It is being reported in the Italian press that Sebastian Vettel has rejected a one year contract extension by Scuderia Ferrari. Whilst rumours of the German being on his way out of the team seem mostly to be paper talk amongst a back drop of a need for some news in the COVID-19 world the […]

What Next For Pierre Gasly?

This year is an extraordinary year for Formula one. Of course as we haven’t even started racing yet, but that doesn’t mean that the circus grinds to a halt completely. One of the things that seems to have happened with the season delay is an extension of what is colloquially named as ‘’silly season’’. Essentially […]


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