Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

The Hungarian Grand Prix delivered an interesting spectacle on Sunday.

There was a promise of rain that never arrived, which would certainly have added to the story of the race and it settled slowly into somewhat of a predictable Lewis Hamilton Win.

That being said there was plenty to enjoy this weekend, in today’s episode of #TheF1Hangover I’ll be talking about Mercedes, the incredible effort from the Red Bull Mechanics, and a surprise result for the Haas team despite a penalty for a rule I didn’t even know existed!

The Red Bull mechanics deserve the bulk of the praise and attention following Sunday’s race. After Max Verstappen slid his way into the barriers on Sunday there seemed to be little hope of him competing as the camera’s panned out to reveal a heavily damaged front end and potential suspension damage.

Max managed to make his way round the formation lap giving his mechanics circa 20 minutes to complete the repairs or get prepared to retire the car. After a committee of pretty much every mechanic working on his front end, not only did Max manage to compete, but he also split the 2 Mercedes on race day and got that car onto the podium.

Another timely reminder that there are so many people behind the scenes that drive the success of a team and they deserve more credit and time in the limelight than they perhaps do currently!

Below is my thoughts on the race! Watch here:

Lewis Hamilton Dominates in Hungary Once more.

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