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Can Williams Compete in 2020?

It has been an even stranger off-season for Williams than most other teams on the grid. Having made the point to get their car out on track first at winter testing following 2019’s embarrassing attempt, the team seemed to be edging into the season with a sense of optimism.

Whilst no-one truly believed that the UK outfit would find themselves in and amongst the mid-field battle, the clear improvement on last years car, paired with a not-so-green George Russell had many pundits tipping them for drastic improvements in 2020.

But as with so many teams and businesses across the globe, the COVID 19 pandemic has really hit the team hard. After reporting 13 million pounds worth of losses for 2019, title sponsor ROKIT parted ways with the team and all eyes turned to Canadian tycoon Michael Latifi (who’s son occupies the second seat at Williams) to potentially enter the fray as they next owner of Williams F1 Racing. Toto Wolff has already re-purchased his 5% stake in Williams F1 and the team finally seem to be coming to their senses that ‘doing it all alone’ in the modern era of Formula One is simply not sustainable.

With a new livery on the way and a promise from Claire Williams that the team has all it needs in place to complete the 2020 season, is there any chance that the off-season antics will be a side show in what could be a successful year for Williams? Or will the on track performance continue to decline at the same rate the business has?… all that and more discussed in this F1 Williams 2020 Season Preview:

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