Bold Predictions #1

So we roll into another week having seen another race postponed and no further indication of when we might eventually get racing. With the Canadian Grand Prix becoming the 9th race to be either postponed or cancelled for the 2020 season.

Though hardly a surprise it certainly is starting to cast more and more doubt about the viability of a 2020 season happening at all. As announced by Ross Brawn on Sky F1’s Vodcast there is little point in planning an adapted schedule until things have calmed down and the opportunity to plan a realistic and logistically sound F1 season becomes viable. Making it quite literally impossible to predict what will happen next for the 2020 season… or does it.

With no stable plans in place for 2020 it certainly is difficult to anticipate with any certainty just about anything. So today TGSF1 will be making some ‘Bold Predictions’ for the 2020 season not based on what the data would suggest could and maybe will happen, but more that 8 fold accumulator at 6521/1 that you place on your way to the football on a Saturday that for some reason are certain will come in… [Scroll past the video to keep reading]

  1. Six Different Race Winners in the Opening Six Races

You’d have to go back to the crazy entertaining 2012 season for the last time this happened, when in fact we had SEVEN different race winners in the opening 7 racers. But since that season where 6 different teams won a Grand Prix we have only had one winner from outside the Top 3 teams which was Kimi in his 2013 Lotus at Australia.

Looking at the top 3 teams this year only 5 of the 6 drivers have secured a podium in Formula 1. So why do I think this feat could be repeated in 2020. Well as mentioned in the premise of the piece, I don’t actually think it is that likely at all, however 2020 should we ever get racing will prove to be a supremely unusual season.

Who knows that the delay of the season, furloughing of race team staff and drivers having to self isolate has done to the development to cars, mental and physical well being of the drivers and preparedness of the garages. It could be that the season starts with such an unusual feel that mistakes become more likely, drivers become more daring (especially if the season is drastically shorter meaning every single point is so much more valuable) and teams realise their cars are in much better or worse shape than than anticipated after testing (which will have been several months prior to race weekend one).

There is also the expectation that the season will start in Europe (with 7 teams based here) but with a delayed season, the usual sunny Sundays and warm tracks may be replaced by later summer cooler and rainier conditions that could produce some more on track antics. Red Bull’s Albon will no longer be a rookie either and will certainly feel he is in with a shot at a podium if not a win and if McLaren and Racing point or even Renault can close the gap on the Top 3 it only takes a few crazy incidents to put one of those teams in the hunt.

2. Williams finish P9 In the Constructors

Unlikely? Yes. Impossible…still probably yes, however this is BOLD predictions so here we go.

Williams have certainly improved on last years car. Last years car was so far off the pace that it seems highly highly unlikely they have caught up with the mid-field teams even if they have made drastic improvements. But as mentioned above, this is certainly a shortened season is we do get racing.

Whilst Williams were 27 points behind Haas in 2019, Haas themselves were 29 points behind Alfa Romeo who totalled more than double what the American Outfit had to offer. With Haas still in a precarious position with their car, unable it seems to find any consistency across race weekends it could only take a few more weekends like their disastrous ones of 2019 to give the Williams team a sniff of closing the gap to them.

All this is of course reliant on the Williams team having been able to put themselves in a position to catch up to the back of the grid and even the midfield if they want to get any points – but with the incredibly talented George Russell at the wheel you just never know.

This prediction is perhaps more predicated on Haas getting worse than Williams getting better

3. Renault Will Score a Podium Finish

With Daniel Ricciardo of course. After peaking with a P4 in Monza last season Daniel also picked up multiple 6th place finished in 2019. If circumstances has been different there has been a few more chances in 2019 for Renault to best their P4 on a Sunday but it never happened.

With McLaren trending upwards, Racing point taking a load of headlines at testing the black and yellow cars will have their work cut out if they want to maintain their fights for points let alone podiums. However with testing showing signs of improvement for the team especially on the long runs I feel a well managed race and a lot of luck on track could see Daniel Ricciardo back on the podium in 2020.

Let me know your thoughts on TGS F1’s 2020 season Bold predictions and let me hear some of yours! I’ll be doing them before every race weekend when we actually get going and would love to get some of you all involved for that.

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