This Week in Formula 1: Week 12

Despite the fact we still have no racing now or for the foreseeable future, there’s still a tremendous amount of news coming out of the Formula One community.

Each week (if I can find the time) I’ll be posting an article and video on the TGSF1 YouTube Channel analysing all the key talking points from the week past. You can watch the fist video right here on this blog which will summarise most of what I will be writing about below, so if you’d rather read than watch keep scrolling…

Summer Break Starts Now

With all that is going on it makes total sense that the FIA and Formula One have essentially decided that the usual August break will happen right now. With lots of teams unable to work effectively in this time and with no real end in sight as to when the world will return to normality the teams are not officially on a break.

What that means for us as fans is that there *could* be a really jam packed summer calendar of races, with the only real option for some races to be squeezed into previous gaps on the race calendar. The Dutch Grand Prix for example, purely on Geographical terms would make sense to try and slide into the weekend of July 23rd-25th.

Whilst it would surely be entertaining for us all to see so much back to back races there will no doubt be strain on the teams and their families if this is the only way to complete a season – lets see how this develops over the coming weeks and month.

Monaco Grand Prix 2020 – Cancelled

The Automobile Club de Monaco has decided that the event is simply no longer tenable in 2020 due to a variety of factors that need to be taken into consideration when operating on a street circuit.

Whilst we were all hoping just a few weeks ago that racing may only be affected in the short term, as Europe becomes the central hub of the COVID19 Pandemic, I am certain it will not be the only European race to be completely cancelled – with the Dutch and Spanish Grand Prix set to ‘postponed’ status.

Regulation Changes Pushed Back to 2022

On Thursday we found out the the rule and regulation changes set to take place in 2021 will not be pushed back to 2022.

For the sake of the sport I think this had to be done – the financial burdens on the teams are enormous and this gives a little more time to make use of all that resource and human hours that have gone into building cars that fit this seasons regulations, despite the season clearly having huge disruptions.

Interestingly the financial budget cap will still come into play – and that is really important for not only next year but the following one too, as we will essentially have had a season of ‘parody’ in spending before we get to the 2022 season. What that hopefully means is that field in 2022 will be even closer than ever with all teams essentially having more time to look at their 2022 designs whilst being limited to the same maximum spend.

Anyone changing engines at the end of this season will have to commit to the same chassis design however, so the garage at McLaren will need to get working at getting the Mercedes engine aligned with the chassis designed for their Renault 2020 power unit.

Official F1 Virtual Racing Series

No doubt spurred on by the success of last weeks #NotTheAusGP courtesy of Veloce ESports Formula 1 announced they would be launching an official Virtual racing series, with some current F1 drivers taking place.

These races will take place at all currently postponed Grand Prix – whilst its no replacement for the real thing, I think it will make for quite a light and fun way to keep us entertained and the graphics are so good we can just trick our brains to thinking its the real thing!

UK Based Teams Offer Support to British Government

And finally, a collective of UK based teams have reached out to the government to see how they could support in developing medical equipment to help tackle the Corono Virus.

With some of the worlds best designers, engineers and technology all housed in the sport of F1 this is a beautiful gesture and really helps showcase how we all need to pull together more than ever in this time.

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